Berrcom Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

Code: K0006
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Spec Sheet - K0006.pdf
Easy to use,non contact, one second temperature measurement.

Large LCD Screen, three colours quickly indicate level of results: 

  • GREEN, ≤ 37.3°C - Normal 
  • ORANGE, 37.4°C - 37.9°C - Low Fever 
  • RED, ≥ 38°C - Fever
Three measurement modes, Body, Room & Object/Food

Digital thermometers for human use need to be accurate to be reliable. Berrcom are a trusted brand for thermometers and use the best quality infrared sensors which are calibrated and tested to give pieces of mind when using this product. Lesser quality thermometers cannot give the same accuracy which can result in inaccurate readings causing issues for creating a safe enviorment.

Key features:
Temperature display resolution: 0.1C
Memory of 32 sets
Audible prompts if a recorded temperature is more than 38°C
Can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Long lasting life cycle, up to 100,000 readings
Hygienic and ensures contact is avoided as much as possible
One second testing and display