About Us

Kitchequip is one of the largest UK's Independent National Commercial Catering Equipment Distributors, since 1993. Based in Burscough, Northwest England. Offering bespoke design and fit of kitchens to suit all shapes and sizes of facilities, large or small.


Primarily Kitchequip are a design house specialising in full commercial kitchen solutions. From design, CAD drawings, equipment specification, project manage and full installation of equipment, as well as onward after sales support and warranties.


Kitchequip feature a large fully stocked warehouse facility with all the everyday brands, appliances, and kitchen or dining products. From all major kitchen appliances, pots/pans, utensils, crockery (many UK well-known brands) cutlery, glassware, tableware, ware-washing and janitorial products.


Kitchequip have many clients over a wide selection of market arenas including, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, universities, football stadia, colleges, cafes, care homes and garden centres. See our gallery for inspirational ideas.


Kitchequip are constantly at the forefront of new equipment technologies coming to our market, ensuring you buy the best equipment 'for its use' and longevity of it's life.


Kitchequip have a professional long standing team of people who have worked in the catering equipment industry for more than 80 years combined, and so feel we have the skills, knowhow, product range and service to ensure we can advise and supply the best service and information possible!

Call or email us today 01704 535577 sales@kitchequip.co.uk